Save Your Cannabis Soil from Going to Waste

High quality cannabis soil doesn’t come cheap. This is especially true when it pertains to the cannabis living soil sub-segment. cannabis soil

That is why, any soil going to waste is equivalent to your money going down the drain. Thus, whenever you are using marijuana soil on your plants, you need to make sure that it is being utilized in an optimal fashion.

By using the following tips, you will be able to provide your marijuana plants with the nutrition they need while also saving your soil from excess consumption.

Here’s how you can use your weed soil carefully.

Do Not Plant More Than You Have To

This phenomenon is noticed especially within first time users of marijuana soil. The novelty of using their brand new soil solution is so exciting that they tend to go overboard.

However, when this happens, the excess cannabis soil doesn’t really do anything. It just sits there in the pot, or it actually causes habitation problems for the grow to the point where it has to be removed and chucked in the trash.

In order to save your weed soil from going this route, make sure that you simply don’t use too much than you have to.


Excess Water Could Be Deadly

Too much of a good thing could be harmful, and that couldn’t be more apt than this case of water and marijuana soil. No matter what kind of soil you are using, whether it is marketed as organic marijuana soil or marijuana living soil, if it gets soaked to the point where it cannot hold any water, then it has practically ceased to function as intended.


It is because excess water can keep your marijuana plants from getting the nutrition they need. The additional moisture gets in the way of their sustenance, and this hindrance gets twofold when you have the extra-beneficial cannabis living soil in your pot.


Since the living soil functions through microorganisms breaking down the nutrients, any blockage through water causes the microorganisms to get affected. As a result, if proper action isn’t taken quickly, then the whole pot can be wasted along with your plant.


To avoid taking this route, make sure that you only water your plant when needed. As a rule of thumb, you can make sure that you are only watering your plant by first checking that around one to two inch of its surface is dry.


Keeping the Soil Under Too Cold a Temperature

Just like how too damp of an environment could be detrimental for your grow, too cold of a soil can also have the same effects. In term of marijuana living soil, the effects could be twofold since this could also affect the microorganisms significantly.


To avoid this, you should make sure that the pots holding your grow have a consistent temperate of around 75°F, especially at the base of the pot and surface of the soil. Experts also recommend that you should use fabric pots made of felt, as that helps keep your weed soil and your grow warm while also letting both components breathe.


Making sure of these tips from the experts would help you get the most out of your marijuana soil. This way, you can have one bundle of purchase last longer without it going to waste and causing you to run out of it too fast.

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