Bio CBD is a company that specializes in the manufacture of Bio CBD products, otherwise known as cannabinoids. CBD stands for cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are used for body care and muscle relief purposes.

From the name, cannabinoids closely resemble the scientific name of marijuana that is Cannabis Sativa. This does not create any direct links between it and weed (marijuana).

CBD is manufactured from cannabis hemp which is very different from weed.
Even though there are no published health benefits for CBD, it has proven useful in relieving muscle cramps and has also contributed towards total body care.

How is it made?

CBD extracts are obtained from a unique variety of industrial hemp. The CBD extract is in form of oil and has a high concentration of cannabinoids. The hemp oil then undergoes thorough processing which transforms it into the natural and water soluble products.

The whole process has been approved by relevant authorities and patented by BIO CBD.
BIO CBD also incorporates additional health supplements like anti-oxidants, for example, curcumin (turmeric) whose health benefits have been proven. This makes CBD products more effective.

Are you looking for cannabinoids in the market? BIO CBD products will give you a solution.


Cannabinoids control the working of ECS in your body. ECS simply means Endogenous Cannabinoid System (a recently discovered system). It is made of natural cannabinoids and CBD receptor sites which are spread out across the body.

These receptors exist in the nervous system, reproductive system and excretory system. Our Biology clearly spells out the importance of these systems in general functioning of the human body. Therefore, you can deduce the importance of CBD in the human body.

However, it is important to note that Bio CBD does not impose health benefits on their products. This is due to some constraints caused by health industry regulations. Any benefits will be noticed by individual users of CBD extract products.

BIO CBD Products

These products come in mostly two forms, capsules and oil. All of them contain different concentration of cannabinoids. As a CBD user, it will be up to you to determine which product will supply you well with CBD.

The BIO BCD Plus Total Body Care is one of such products. It comes in a can containing 30 capsules with each capsule containing 10 mg of CBD. It is all organic, natural and water soluble. Total body care will cater for a wide range of body needs.

User experiences have yielded positive results with The BIO CBD Total Body Care.
Also on the product list is BIO CBD Muscle and Joint relief oil. As the name suggests it offers relief for muscles and joints. Leg muscles, neck muscles, knee joints, shoulder joints, you name them.

Users have committed to this oil for their CBD needs. This product also encompasses a combo pack containing a CBD Cartridge, a battery charger and a case. All these are exclusively offered alongside the product for free.
All products are available on BIO CBD company website. You will get them at reasonable prices.