With the increasingly positive reaction to weed legalization, it is safe to state that more and more states within the U.S. would soon be following the path laid by pioneer states such as Colorado – which recorded marijuana sales amounting to over $1.5 billion in 2017 alone.

cannabis education

This enhanced scale of adoption also means that more and more consumers would have comfortable access to marijuana and related products, which brings up the questions of the safety of the cannabis community pertaining to the consumption of the plant and its related products.

This notion has made way for cannabis education, a relatively new yet immensely crucial segment that encourages the marijuana community to adopt best practices for the consumption of marijuana, no matter which form it is in.

Some of the best practices that are encouraged through cannabis education pertain to the quantity of intake and the safekeeping of marijuana, as well as the restrictions on overindulging in it, among other things.

Here are a few of the most commonly proposed yet widely adopted suggestions that would allow you to consume marijuana safely as a responsible cannabis community member, all without putting your health and those around you at risk.

Make sure to keep it away from children. This goes without saying that if you have children in your household, then keeping marijuana away from their reach would be responsible by every means. Make sure that you keep your cannabis stash in a secured cabinet with a lock, so there are no chances of your child reaching for it even accidentally. This is a very crucial point that cannot be compromised upon.

Do not consume it if you are already having alcohol. While marijuana by itself does not have any harmful effects whatsoever, mixing it with unnatural drugs or alcoholic drinks can increase the intoxication effects for you, which could drown the whole healthy experience of marijuana consumption. Thus, ensure to never mix cannabis usage with alcohol.

Ensure to have it in controlled quantities. One of the most notable effects of marijuana is that it relaxes you and makes you less nervous. On the other hand, its other effects could also make you so relaxed to the point where you feel laid back and lazy. Thus, strike a balance between enjoying your marijuana and making yourself unable to manage its effects – which is directly related to how much marijuana you consume in a certain setting.

Make sure to buy it from a legal vendor. This also should be an established practice that you only purchase your marijuana and edibles from vendors that you already know – and in states that have legalized marijuana. Do not go against the law of the land in this matter, otherwise you may only land yourself into legal trouble, which could also affect the cannabis community in a butterfly effect sort of manner.

While simple in description and implementation, these best practices can go a long way into making sure that you are using marijuana in a manner that does not harm yourself or the ones around you.

For more suggestions on cannabis education and more topics related to the use of cannabis, make sure to check out Fun With Pot, a marijuana community platform that focuses on the safe uses of marijuana, while also letting its users explore the fun aspects of it through weed memes as well as artistic products and expressions.

The platform also has its own marijuana online shop, which is just another reason why you should head to this cannabis art community hangout today and explore the various options available to you.

The marijuana industry has grown exponentially over the past few decades and we’re not talking about underground sales either. The industry has experienced growth especially since cannabis’ use was popularized after the historic decision by the state of Washington to legalize the consumption of marijuana.

marijuana soil

Colorado followed suit, and was then joined by a slew of other states. The phenomenon still continues, and with the kind of profits that the marijuana industry has been making in these states, it wouldn’t be unsafe to state that the marijuana industry has all the potential to grow within the next few years.

This current and future aspect of growth has also caused hundreds of marijuana-related business to crop up across the country. But not all of these businesses are a good sign. From some amazing marijuana soil providers to mediocre weed boutiques, you could count on the fact that you would be able to find a slew of shops in this sector, providing very good or really bad services according to their stature.

This has made it difficult for marijuana aficionados to find reliable businesses to purchase cannabis-related products from. For instance, if you want to purchase cannabis soil, you could be presented with tens of vendors in your area through a simple Google search without ever knowing which of them would be a reliable vendor for you.

By keeping the following steps in mind, you can ensure that you find weed soil providers who would be able to fulfill your requirements while maintaining their status of quality.


Ask a Gardener from Your Circle

No matter which walk of life we may belong to, we could all bet that we know at least one gardener personally. While it could be your professional gardener, it could also very well be a family member or a friend who has a penchant for gardening. The chances of you knowing people who are interested in gardening are increased even further if you yourself happen to be practicing the hobby for a few years.

Do not hesitate from looking around and ask fellow gardeners for their recommendation of a cannabis soil vendor. By doing so, you will get firsthand reviews and accounts of experiences with such vendors in your area.


Explore Relevant Online Platforms

In case finding recommendations through your social circle is proving to be difficult for you, then hit relevant forums and platforms on the internet in order to find like-minded people, who could then direct you to a marijuana soil provider.

Sites such as Reddit have their own sub-threads where such recommendations are shared regularly. Whereas, you can also delve into specific platforms that are dedicated to the world of marijuana businesses, such as marijuana boutiques or marijuana grow kits.

By making sure that you check these online avenues for relevant recommendations, you can land upon references that would be able to meet your requirements.


Check Local Listings

Going to a platform such as Yelp and checking for local vendors who sell marijuana potting soil could also present you with a few options to choose from. However, since you wouldn’t have the advantage of firsthand recommendations by people in your social circle or on reliable online forums, you will need to check the online reviews and digital footprint of these vendors yourself in order to weed out the bad from the good.

By doing your due diligence and making sure that you are left with just those vendors who have a history of providing great services to their customers, you can find a cannabis soil seller who is the right fit for you.

Home staging, the elusive art of making a house more appealing to prospective buyers.

custom window treatments

You may already be familiar with it if you have ever experienced selling a residential property, or have bought one in the past where it was shown to you with state-of-the-art fixtures and aesthetically pleasing furnishings.


These strategically placed objects and well-executed décor often acts as the deciding factor for a buyer, who could end up paying a higher price for a home after seeing what inhabiting it might look like for them instead of having to imagine doing the same with drab walls and bare flooring.

Since custom window treatments play a big part in enhancing the overall décor of a place, it is no wonder that they also have a major role in home staging.

Here’s how window treatments such as custom window shutters, drapes and blinds could help enhance the value of your house.

Window Shutters Could Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Window shutters have the ability to bring out the best in a house. If they are installed as exterior shutters, then they could greatly enhance your property’s curb appeal by making it look more attractive and charming than the other houses on the block. On the other hand, if they are installed from the inside, then their unique design could add to the fixtures that you already have inside the house.


Custom Window Drapes Could Add Value to Your Interiors

Similar to window shutters, custom window drapes could also work towards adding some value to your property. Just by the act of dressing your windows in the right kind of draperies and curtain choices, you could turn a room from housing a scattered set of furnishings to being a harmonious abode for its current décor. Window drapes are not that expensive, yet add quite a bit of character to any home or room.


Motorized Blinds Could Bring Automation to Potential Buyers’ Notice

If you are trying to appeal to potential buyers with a modern approach, then installing specialized, custom window blinds that are also motorized could help you achieve that feat. With a variety of choices in material and design, you can easily find the kind of blinds that would fit in with the rest of your décor choices while also letting your potential buyers know that your home is ready for the future.


Use Window Shades to Showcase the Sunlight

Custom window shades are one of the most cost-effective ways to dress a window, which is why they actually have quite an effect on potential buyers when they showcase your kitchen windows or your living room windows that open in your front yard and let the sun in, while also providing an effective way to let you maintain your privacy when you need it.


Contact a Reliable Provider During Home Staging to Help You with Custom Window Treatments

If you already have a well-decorated home, then you may not need to hire an additional professional to help you with home staging. However, in order to ensure that your window treatments are up to date, contact a reliable custom window treatments specialist such as Shades on Wheels, who could help you redress your windows where needed while also providing you with design advice.

By ensuring that you pay ample attention to the window treatments in your house, you could easily enhance its appeal to potential buyers.

Ever since the state of Colorado and Washington paved the way for wider adoption of recreational marijuana in 2012, the perception of the general public toward cannabis consumption has changed significantly.

recreational marijuana

The habit of smoking recreational marijuana that was first frowned upon is now not even given a second thought of negativity especially in the states that it has been legalized within.

While there are still a select few who advocate against recreational marijuana and even medical marijuana, the number of such people has been decreasing day by day, most notably after countries such as Canada took the decision to legalize marijuana all over their jurisdiction.

Keeping all of this in mind, if you want to enjoy marijuana for the first time from a place such as a Denver recreational dispensary or an Edgewater dispensary, then doing so would be as easy as walking into a liquor store and purchasing your choice of drink.

Here are a few choice tips for you to enjoy your first time experience of purchasing recreational marijuana, which would ensure that your first trip to a marijuana dispensary is as stress-free as possible.

Make Sure You Have Your ID Intact

Whether you are on a cannabis tour and visiting Colorado from another state, or if you are a resident of the state, you will need your ID to verify you are over 21 years of age in order to purchase marijuana.

 Remember That You Can Buy Up to 1 Ounce of Marijuana in Colorado

That is correct, while there had been different limits for Colorado residents and tourists for the purchase of recreational marijuana, the requirements and limitations are now the same for everyone. You can buy up to 1 ounce of marijuana in a single transaction, whether you do it in terms of buying the flower itself or get that amount in the form of various edibles.

Edibles Are Your Friend

Speaking of edibles, they can actually be a very good choice for a first time buyer  of recreational marijuana. From suckers to candy bars, and from chocolates to gummies, you can get a wide variety of snacks in a single transaction that you can then enjoy for days to come.

Get As Much As You Can Consume Safely

As with any other indulgent substance, ensure that you are not going overboard and only purchasing as much marijuana as you can consume safely without intoxicating yourself too much. While marijuana in itself is not fatal, if you consume too much of it without supervision, then you can get into some hilarious but just as potentially dangerous effects.

Consume Your First Recreational Marijuana Under Supervision

To make sure that you steer clear of any issues, have your first experience of recreational marijuana under supervision of some friends. By ensuring that you have company during the first consumption experience, you can makes sure to stay safe and not make any irrational decisions, such as eating three dozens of brownies yourself!


Visit Northern Lights Cannabis Co. – A Reliable Denver and Edgewater Recreational Dispensary

In order to ensure that your experience goes smoothly, choose Northern Lights Cannabis Co., a reliable Denver recreational dispensary that would not take advantage of you as a first time marijuana buyer, but would instead help you by going the extra mile in order to answer all your questions about marijuana purchase, consumption, and its subsequent effects.

By going to a credible dispensary that offers an array of marijuana products with stellar customer service, you can make sure to have smooth sailing on your first marijuana excursion.

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